Monday, November 18, 2013

New Paintings

Here are some new paintings that have been added to my Etsy and my Artfire shop. I've been working on them both for a few weeks now(especially that first one. I started that in July, I believe) and I think that they are successful. I'm not as pleased with how the first painting turned out. Sometimes I think my work is going to be so great and when it doesn't look like I thought it would, I think it looks terrible. Other people will love it and I'll be in tears over it. Oh well, them's the breaks, right? Have any of you ever had problems like that?

 This first one is titled "Through the Open Door, She Discovers a New World". She walks through one door into another, from one strange world under the water to another world above the water lily pads. 
It's available for purchase through my Etsy account here.

I try to paint a new painting every week to keep my watercolor paining skills sharp. Sometimes flowers are the easiest subject because they require little thought, unlike my fantasy style paintings. It becomes a zen like process for me. I sit and paint, concentrating only on making the paint look like a flower. I leave everything else behind and my mind becomes blank. My hand moves without anything guiding it. I become one with the painting. That is why I love art. It's my therapy. This piece is available for purchase here.

My little green jewelry/pencil box was featured in this lovely collection today by . As my lovely followers, if you could show her some love today by visiting her shop, I would really appreciate it. It takes a lot of thought and work to create treasuries and for her to make me a part of one is truly an honor. Besides that, you might find something to add to your Christmas wishlist. Just a thought. 

Today I'm feeling a bit bummed about not making any sales this week and on the art teaching front, students are cancelling classes left and right. This is not the most wonderful time of year for teaching. Summer went better because my students have less to do and less chances for getting ill. Here in Oklahoma, allergies are taking their toll on everyone so we are stocking up on Kleenex and bleach wipes!

I'm making little gifts for any purchasers of my art to include when I send them, so I'm hoping that will create some repeat business. I hope you all are doing well and have a happy week.

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