Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love and other stuff

Some of my favorite descriptions of love. Hope you like them.

"Love is not love/Which alters when it alteration finds/Or bends with the remover to remove/O no! It is an ever fixed mark/That looks on tempests and is not shaken" --Shakespeare

"Deep inside I always knew/It was you, you and me/Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny/It was you and you for me/Every road leads to your door/Every step I take forever more"--Chicago

"So I'll be holding my own breath/Could this be the end/Is it that moment when/I'll find the one that I'll spend forever with" --Nickelback

"You can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for/I can't help it-there's nothing I want more/I would fight for you-I'd lie for you/Walk the wire for you-I'd die for you"--Bryan Adams

"Ten thousand miles apart/A frozen ocean holds our hearts/I can't wait to meet you then"--Shiny Toy Guns

Just a few. Might post more later.